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Krushia is a fantasy-adventure comics and animations series with a shot of philosophical medicine. Besides love between people, Krushia also expresses the concepts of self-love. Self-love is needed to love one another and give love to others to design unity in humanity and love for the world around us......................

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Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa

Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa is a multi-talented artist, writer, athlete and jeans designer,who ventured into the world of value and change seeking animation Kats Tree House houses the world`s best creative , inspiring and exciting animation. The Author has published several series of captivating Animations to suit the needs and fuel the wildest imagination of many.

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About Krushia!


    Krushia is a fantasy-adventure comics and animations series with a shot of philosophical medicine.!!!'s


    Patch is the native chief who is honest and is a courageous leader with strong discipline.. 's


    Sparks is the energetic Tai Chi Master who who has learned that mind over matter does exist.


    Silver is the ageless monk that has great intuition and wisdom and he always has an answer's

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What is Krushia?
Krushia is one of the best animitno of USA
Who is the writter of krushia ?
Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa is the writter of Krushia
How Can I watch Krushia videos ?
Krushia Videos is now live on YouTube
How Can I order for books?
? Please visit to order
How many books are available?
Please visit our web site to see all of our Books.

Krushia Animation

Krushia is one of the best animation series.

Our Books

Our Books

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Reaching for the stars

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Reaching for the stars

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