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What Am I Supposed to Do With This Drawstring Bag?

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What Am I Supposed to Do With This Drawstring Bag?

In addition to being one among the primary items of NC State memorabilia you own, this handy bag is ideal for using around campus. With numerous ways to reuse, this bag is that the sustainable choice over plastic bags that are just used once then thrown away. Reusable bags are less wasteful, better for the environment then far more utilitarian than plastic. Plus, this reusable bag showcases your Pack pride.

Purchases from the Atrium and C-Stores on campus: rather than employing a disposable bag for any purchases on campus, use your bag . It’s stronger than a bag , so it'll carry more weight than a bag . If you shop off campus, the bag works there too!

Gym Clothes: Don’t let lack of workout clothes be your excuse for not hitting the gym after class. Toss what you would like for a visit to the gym in your bag and you’re off and running.

Dry Shoes: You never believe what proportion a pair of dry shoes matters until you’ve stepped in 12 puddles on the thanks to class within the rain then need to sit there with wet shoes. When the weather’s wet outside, toss an additional pair of shoes within the bag , grab an umbrella and you’re set for a time period .

Toiletry toilet kit: The bag is little enough to stay together your travel essentials like a hand blower , brush, contact solution, glasses, etc.

Dirty Clothes once you Travel: If you don’t use the bag as a toiletry toilet kit , then toss it in your overnighter to gather dirty clothes as you travel. That way once you come you simply need to put the bag of dirty clothes within the washer (and put any clean clothes straight back in your closet).

Gift for a Future Wolfpacker: If you've got a younger sibling, cousin or friend, he or she might love sporting Wolfpack pride at his or her elementary or secondary school .

Lunch: Whether you’re happening a picnic or simply carrying your lunch with you, your bag can keep your meal within easy reach so you don’t need to fish through your backpack trying to find that apple you knew you packed.

Collect NC State memorabilia: At Packapalooza, RecFest and other major events on campus, you'll get many giveaways from various organizations. This bag is ideal to store all those stickers, pens, magnets and other trinkets.

Trash Bag In Your Car: The drawstrings hang nicely on the rear of the seat’s headrest.

Trick or Treating: We’re not judging whether you’re too old to trick or treat. We’re just saying these bags make great candy collectors.

Carry Books: If you only need alittle notebook and lightweight book for sophistication , why lug an important backpack all the way across campus when this smaller bag will do the trick?

Cycling carry-all: When you’re riding your bike on campus, you would like both hands to navigate. This bag is awesome for holding anything you would like to hold with you.

Find yourself needing quite only one reusable bag? Try these fun DIY-guides to creating your own bag from materials you'll have already got

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