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Why Phone Cases Important? Our Case For Using A Phone Case

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Why Phone Cases Important? Our Case For Using A Phone Case

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “do phone cases protect your phone,” you’re not alone. Over the last five years, our phones became quite just a tool for calling or texting. They’re a source of constant information and education. A media outlet for us to entertain ourselves and escape. also as a warehouse for all of our memories that we would like to form last forever. That’s why protecting your phone with a durable phone case is significant in ensuring your investment lasts.

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The fact is, 50% of individuals globally break their phones

If you’re anything like me or the remainder of the planet , there’s been a minimum of just one occasion where you’ve made an error that’s aroused during a broken or unusable phone.

That’s why we’ve listed our top 6 facts about how we break our phones, and why phone cases are important to make sure any “what if” moments in life don’t find yourself in shattered dreams.

Globally, 50% of individuals With Phones Accidentally Break Or Shatter Them

Whether you’re out on the town, at work, or reception , your phone doesn’t have a very safe place where it’s free from damage. A phone’s life is filled with peril. Unless you've got a pillow room, as Hugh Hefner did, but we all can’t have that.

Kind of like within the auto industry, where more accidents happen when we’re on the brink of our homes, an equivalent scenario seems to hold over into the phone industry.

The number one place where society seems to possess a difficult time with their phones is inside their home. Whether we’re within the front room watching TV, within the kitchen making our meals, or within the bathroom, we may feel comfortable inside our home, but our phones are anything but safe.

That’s why it’s vital to require the time to research a protective phone case that matches your personality and offers drop proof protection so you'll ensure you’re not joining the growing percentage.

A durable phone case may be a sort of phone insurance with some style. But, let’s face it, our phones are getting more like works of art. For that reason, many of us don’t wish to cover them up with a case, and that’s completing during a lot of broken phones.

Now, you'll have the simplest of both worlds during a clear phone case. They allow you to boast the sweetness of your device while providing drop proof protection also as scratch resistant features.

Almost 30% of individuals Have Cracked Or Shattered Their Screen

If you purchase a protective or durable phone case, you would like to form sure you still use it. the very fact is, the typical time from when people normally buy their phones to once they break or shatter their phone screen is generally around three months. That number is pretty astonishing.

What typically happens, we buy a protective case (that may appear as if a brick), use it for a couple of months, then as we start to urge easier with our phone, the bulky case tends to return off, and that we start to use it without one.

That’s our greatest fault because that’s when accidents happen. Just more reason to point out why it’s vital to urge a durable and classy case that doesn’t compromise protection.

But remember, phone protection doesn’t just stop with getting a durable case. you would like to form sure you've got a screen protector to avoid any shattering or cracking within the instance that you simply drop your phone and it lands face down.

Almost 40% of individuals Will Drop Their Phones As They Answer Them

The scenario plays inside my head sort of a bad sitcom. Our phone rings or buzzes in our pocket, purse, or bag. Our serotonin levels increase wondering, “who could it's ,” and altogether that excitement, butterfingers. We fumble our phone like it’s a hot-potato and time seems to slow as we watch it land face first on the bottom .

What’s really surprising is that globally, 21% of individuals are employing a phone with a cracked screen, and within the U.S. it’s even higher at 30%.

Not only is it an unsightly eyesore, but people also tend to chop their fingers while employing a cracked phone.

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That’s why it’s important to seek out a phone case that has raised bezel technology. This protective tactic places more durable rubber round the edges of your case and provides a cushion just in case it lands face down or on a corner edge.

Almost 30% of individuals Have Caused Water Damage To Their Phone

What’s a phone’s worst enemy? Water. Oh, how it calls to our phones sort of a siren calling sailors to rocky shores.

But, when we’re talking about water damage with phones, we’re not only pertaining to bodies of water like your friend’s pool, or the lake, or maybe the Pacific. the amount one place where we drop our phones and obtain water damage is that the toilet.

Do you carry your phone in your back pocket? consider about doing that next time you head to the restroom because your phone isn't safe therein location. Unfortunately for us, most, if not all manufacturer warranties don’t list water damage from the toilet as a reason to offer us a free replacement.

As much as we hope any dropped toilet phones survive the water damage, you now need to worry about bacteria growth on your phone case. That’s why it’s essential to urge a protective case that isn’t only durable but offers anti-microbial treatments that inhibit the expansion of bacteria on the case

Almost 30% of individuals Have Stood Up And Had Their Phone Fly Out Of Their Lap

The automobile has proven to be quite the nemesis of our mobile devices. We get so preoccupied with listening to the road or jamming bent a replacement song, that once we pull up to our destination, we get out the door, and that we watch in terror as our phone goes flying into the parking zone and skids across the bottom .

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That’s why it’s essential to possess a protective phone case with a soft, rubber exterior that permits you to urge a far better grip on your phone.


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