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What makes a T-shirt so soft?

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What makes a T-shirt so soft?

Everyone inquire from me about the softness of the tees we use then I wanted to share information, you'll find it boring or interesting, but hopefully you'll learn something. When it's all said and done, albeit the manufacturing process is sort of detailed, including growing, picking and spinning the cotton, there are three major factors that make T-shirts soft:

Actual knitting process itself and whether the yarn is spun on Ringspun machinery or Open End Machinery at the manufacture features a large impact on softness of your favorite jersey . The Open End process is a smaller amount expensive and uses a “back and forth” technique that's very efficient. The Ringspun process is longer consuming and uses a way that spins in loops and allows the yarn to be more “lofty;” it spins the yarn on better machinery, making it much softer to the hand.

Size of the yarn – most of the people believe the heavier the shirt, the higher quality it's , and in most cases this is often false. T-shirts are like sheets, the upper the yarn count [stitches per inch] the higher the material . A less costly shirt [like a freebie you'll have received] uses a fatter yarn while a far better shirts uses a thinner yarn; more stitches per inch, making the shirts lighter, but meaning the particular fabric, outcome , is far better. These higher yarn counts employing a finer, better yarn achieve a way softer, lighter fabric.

Fabric Content – believe it or not, blends tend to be softer because polyester is “silkier” than cotton. Cotton being a natural fibre has huge benefits (be on the design out for a future piece on this) but once you blend it with a lower percentage of Poly you create a shirt with properties taking the “best of both worlds.” The cotton still allows it to breathe and keep odors away. The poly adds softness, less shrinkage, less fading and better wear and tear over time.

Hopefully this provides you a couple of answers on why your favorite jersey is so soft and what makes one t-shirt softer than another!

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