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What is a Tote Bag?

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What is a Tote Bag?

A tote is just an outsizes bag suitable for carrying (or toting) many stuff. (They’re also sometimes called carry-all bags for an equivalent reason.) there's a good range of carryall styles. for instance , reusable cotton shopping bags are literally tote bags, but so are Joanna-Gaines-inspired leather totes. However, while the small print may vary, the solution to “What may be a tote bag?” remains an equivalent in four key ways:

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Tote bags are large. they need to be! an excellent carryall are going to be large enough to comfortably carry all you'll need for the day -- books, laptop, gym clothes, sunscreen? the sweetness of the carryall is its flexibility. Think you'll need something? Toss it within the carryall .

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Another universal feature of a carryall is its two long straps and wide open top. Tote bags hang easily on the shoulder, and therefore the wide open top (sometimes simply secured with a magnet closure) allows quick access on the go. Tote bags often have one large interior space, while some offer interior pockets for basic organization. The wide top opening allows you to simply view and access your bag’s contents.


Some tote bags are actually just big bags with straps, and that they don’t provide any structure in the least (like a clear cotton shopping bag), and a few are SO structured it seems like you’re carrying an outsized box from your shoulder. Somewhere in between may be a great choice -- like these tote bags with a removable bottom base. Use the bottom to supply structure or take it out if you’re feeling loosey-goosey. Options are good.


Far beyond basic cotton, tote bags are often found in fantastic materials to enrich any style -- without compromising function. Waxed canvas tote bags are both beautiful and sturdy . Fully waxed canvas, or mixed with leather accents, a waxed canvas tote is that the picture of rugged beauty. Leather tote bags are often streamlined and straightforward or they will include things like braided leather accents to amp up the detail.

Soft leather tote bags and waxed canvas totes are as gorgeous as they're functional, and their on-trend status won’t be fading anytime soon. 

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